How to do kick ups - Basic Level

March 2, 2016

Use our step by step guide to master kick ups




Hold the ball straight out in front of you so that it is at the height of your chest.Drop it and let it bounce. As the ball begins to descend after this bounce, kick it back up into the air. Try to kick it with your dominant foot hard enough that it reaches chest height. Try to kick the ball with your foot angled slightly upward. Make sure to kick the ball with your laces.



Keep your knees slightly bent. Doing this will help you have better control over the ball. Do not lock your knees. Keep the foot you are not kicking with (your controlling foot) flat and firmly planted on the ground






Practice until you can easily and consistently catch the ball in front of your stomach. You should not have to lean or reach to catch the ball. Then do the same with your other foot. Keep in mind that juggling with your non-dominant foot will be harder. Keep at it!




Increase the number of times you let the ball bounce off your feet. Instead of catching the ball every time you kick it, kick it up into the air and as it falls, kick it up again rather than letting it bounce on the ground. Try to keep the ball under control. Focus on juggling with one foot until you feel confident, then switch to the other foot. Practice until you feel confident juggling with both feet.











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